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Q: I have LSPD at a loss in my TFSA. A two year chart suggest both NVEI and LSPD have dropped about 75% from their highs. With no tax loss benefit, is it worth switching to NVEI. (I am in no particular need of cash from this account for many years, if ever.)
Asked by Dave on August 11, 2023
5i Research Answer:

While both have their 'issues', we would be reluctant to switch from LSPD, which is up 11% YTD and seeing a bit better acceptance, to NVEI, down 32% and the current stock investors love to hate. Generally, we do not like changing what is working. This is not to be construed as a strong endorsement of LSPD but more a relative momentum short term call. LSPD also has a better balance sheet right now.