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Q: hello 5i:
please comment on the following headline:

NexGen Announces Strategic Purchase of 2.7 Million Pounds of Uranium with Issuance of US$250 Million Convertible Debenture

Obviously the market didn't like it. Did they pay too much for the product? How could this help them going forward? Will the debentures be available for retail buyers and at what price? How does 5i feel about the debentures on a risk/reward basis?
Add as much colour as you feel is relevant.
Paul L
Asked by Paul on May 09, 2024
5i Research Answer:

Please also see this answer from yesterday. Investors also did not like the company raising more money so soon after a share sale. The underwriters were Canaccord and Aitken Mount, and the deal should be available through them but has likely been sold out already. We do not have full terms on the deal. We like the stock, thus would be very comfortable with the debentures overalll for income and stock exposure combined.