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Q: What do you think of AIM1517 for international exposure?

I have a couple of mutual funds left in my RRSP that I bought YEARS ago. Iím trying to decide if I should keep them or replace them with an ETF(s)? I currently hold XEC and XEF for international exposure. Is it worth keeping AIM1517 for international exposure, itís 60%+ US stock so not sure how international it really is. Would something like XEC and XEF make more sense and provide better overall results? Is there a better ETF(s) I should be looking at for that goal?
Read Answer Asked by Raymond on June 11, 2024
Q: Hi,
On Jan 9th I asked the following question
Q: can you tell me 1) if there is any difference in XEF and ZDM in terms of tax efficiency and 2) which accounts are best to hold these ETFs in in terms of tax efficiency (please rank from best to worse) ?

You answered the first part but not the second part. 2) Could you please rank from best to worse in regard to tax efficiency, which account (e.g., RRSP, TFSA, nonregistered) is best to hold them.
Read Answer Asked by Mary on January 12, 2024
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