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Q: My US equities are currently split between VIG and DGRO. I am considering selling these two ETFs, and considering VTI and VFMO (Vanguard's Momentum ETF). For a 3-5 year hold, can you please rank these 4 ETFs and provide your rationale. Also, please advise whether there is a better US ETF which you would recommend.

Thank you for this excellent service.
Read Answer Asked by Dale on June 06, 2024
Q: Good afternoon, Please recommend your 3 favourite international equity ETFs (without US holdings) and your 3 favourite US market ETFs. I already own QQQ which represents approx. 10% of my RRSP (in US dollars). Further, what are your thoughts on investing in the US market in US dollars (converted using Norbert Gambit) vs. Cnd. dollars? Is there an approach which has generated better results? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by bernie on June 07, 2024
Q: Can you you rate from best to worst,,, and recommend a good entry price.
And is there a non hedge version of

Read Answer Asked by Brian on April 19, 2024
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