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Q: A question on a few of my laggards. As a clean up of my portfolio these are back to original purchase price. Purchased 18 months ago and wondering if buy sell or hold.
Read Answer Asked by Craig on January 23, 2023
Q: I'm interested in investing in 5G stocks. I sold my Keysight Technologies (KEYS) shares and would like to reinvest in the company. How would you rate KEYS at the current price and for the longer term? What are the other few other 5G companies and ETFs you would recommend to invest?

What do you think of CIEN (Ciena) stock which I own? Is it a very good stock with strong growth to hold for a long time? How would you rate CIEN with its major competitors? Which two or three companies (major competitors) you like in the same field?

Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Helena on January 04, 2022
Q: The above mentioned companies make up my US portion of my companies for a buy and hold retired growth investor. Given that they are evenly held, not well diversified and weighted to tech, Looking forward to 2022 do any of these cause any concern to you. NIO and UCTT have been underperforming the most. Would you trim or remove any of these?
Read Answer Asked by Craig on January 03, 2022
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