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Q: What are 5 US stocks you expect to perform the best in 2021? Happy holidays and thank you for the great service!

Read Answer Asked by Eric on December 22, 2020

Q: Thanks to your excellent recommendations 2020 has been a record year for my family’s portfolio. Thank-You.
However, I feel like I need to consolidate some of the tech companies I own so when their prices rise I will have more torque. Which of the above companies would you suggest I merge, drop, or even add? Growth is my only objective.
Enjoy the holidays.

Read Answer Asked by Curtis on December 20, 2020

Q: The average P/E of my stock and ETF portfolio (63) reflects the tech/momentum binge I've been on since Spring 2020. I'm considerably overweight in tech yet I'm finding it difficult to jettison or trim any of my names in that sector. Can you please help by identifying 5 of these that you're less bullish on compared to the others? I have a reasonably long investment horizon and good risk tolerance (5 yrs until my children's post-secondary education and ~20 until retirement). Thanks again.

Read Answer Asked by Ben on December 15, 2020
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