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Q: With the backdrop of global warming and water likely becoming a more valued resource (see Columbia River article on CNN), are there any companies that over the long term (5-10 years) may see strong growth as a result?
Read Answer Asked by Dave on August 24, 2021
Q: On CNBC on Friday Tom Lee disclosed these 20 as his "Epicentre Stock Portfolio" and opined that the bottom is in. He seems to be quite revered and apparently his calls have been more correct than not. Could you list your best seven from this list that you would buy today in order. Any other comment of course welcomed as well - Ken
Read Answer Asked by Ken on May 17, 2021
Q: About half a year after spinning off its electrical business, and now concentrating more on the water / filtration side, would you now consider Pentair a better investment than when the two businesses were combined ? I realize this isn't a Canadian stock.

The P/E has come down quite a bit since that time. They only raised their dividend 3% this year. Although they have a long history of increases, this one isn't great.


Read Answer Asked by James on January 02, 2019
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