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Q: I hold XYLD and CIC, they are the only covered call ETFs I hold and I am new to them. Is there a way to track or find charts on their total yield? I seem to only find charts of their change in NAV which make them look like dogs, while they return 13% and 8% The other question I have about them is , why are they not drip eligible?
Read Answer Asked by Richard on March 22, 2023
Q: I am new to the forum and 5I. Thanks for your great information! I wish I had subscribed earlier.
Can you give me a long term chart on the value and or return for these 2 ETFs? Because of the different dividends it is hard for me to value the two investments. Do you have a preference?
Thanks again
Read Answer Asked by Richard on December 07, 2022
Q: Hi 5i, I started my stock market investing in March 2020 in order to get 'skin in the game'. I am a daily learner whose investing personality is that of an 'individualist'. I have determined my investing goal to be for income (mostly through dividends) and growth (for capital appreciation). I have found lately that my risk tolerance feels lower due to increasing volatility, talk of market decline/crash, increasing inflation, shortages, rising rates etc. As a result I would like to cash in the individual stocks I own that have given me good capital appreciation and replace them with ETF's and/or Index Funds. Income and growth plus diversification to my portfolio is my objective here. Since I hold more than enough physical precious metals and an emergency stash in US dollars I feel I have enough insurance/hedge against a worst case scenario happening in the economy. Please comment on these following ETF's. I am also open to other suggestions you might have as well. Please note that my entire TFSA is in my brokerage account so taxes are not an issue for me. Thanks

ZCN BMO S&P/TSX Composite Index
CIC CI First Asset Canadian Bank Income Class
ZWB BMO Covered Call Canadian Banks
RIT CI First Asset Canadian Banks
ZDV BMO Canadian Dividend
CDZ iShares Canadian Aristorcrats
XRE iShares Capped REIT
XEC Emerging Markets ETF

P.S. I assign an equal dollar amount for each investment in my portfolio. The ETF part of my portfolio are for long term holds.
Read Answer Asked by Lucy on November 02, 2021
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