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Market Movers: November 2023

This piece looks at the top and bottom stock performers over the last month in our 5i coverage...

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Review of Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund

Nov 21, 2023

BPF.UN's sales have recovered to pre-pandemic levels, but the distribution per unit has not reached its previous levels yet. Therefore, there is room to raise dividends in the near term given the financial flexibility. BPF.UN also repurchased its units in the market for the very first time, which is encouraging. Overall, we like BPF.UN as a royalty income play, but at the same time the weak same-restaurant sales and a declining restaurant base are quite concerning, we will maintain our rating at ďB-ď, and we will be open for a downgrade if future operating results continue to weaken.


Review of GDI Integrated Facility Services

Nov 21, 2023

We think the fact that GDIís share price has been under pressure recently due to a meaningful slowdown in acquisition activities, which historically contributed a significant portion of revenue growth. We still like the business model of GDI as a highly recurring revenue niche service provider. We are maintaining our rating at ĎB+í, while at the same time remaining open for a future downgrade if acquisition activities do not improve and organic growth slows down.


Review of Lumine Group Inc.

Oct 24, 2023

LMN owns a portfolio of high-quality VMS software with a 90% gross margin, well-run by a management
team with a decent track record of value creation and industry insight. The company is still quite small, but we think there is still a long runway for LMN to compound capital at high rates. Given managementís execution and the attractive economics of VMS businesses. Rating initiated at ďB+Ē.

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Recent Stock Questions
Q: Hello,
Over the years I have fallen into the trap of buying BNS as many analysts have promoted as the most international bank, as as a result I have 7.5% position. However, I have now come to the realization that the countries that they do business ( mainly South and Latin America) are in most cases very poor countries with little or no growth and unstable Governments.. As well, the bank's CEO's poor performance. Therefore, As soon as I hear what the new CEO has to say in a couple of weeks, I will slowly exit the position . What are you thoughts in moving the funds to TD or NA or BMO?
Carlo Rea
Read Answer Asked by Carlo on December 01, 2023
Q: I can book a tax loss on BCE (never thought I would be saying that), just wondering if I intend to buy it back in 30 days would RCI be an ok placeholder (Telus already owned) or placeholder not needed and just wait the 30 days in cash? (brokerage fees not a consideration). Thanks,
Read Answer Asked by Stephen R. on December 01, 2023

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