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Q: You currently have > 9% cash in the Income portfolio. In the past you have indicated you prefer to be mostly invested. If my memory is correct, your responses to past questions have referenced the Income portfolio being up x% so far this year (now 13%) vs the targeted 6-8%/year, so you are taking your time to find appropriate investments. Respectfully, I would counter with the multiyear performance #s of 2-5%/year (quite a bit below the 6-8% target), so wouldn't you want the cash to be put to work? I know you just added a new 3% position on Oct 8.

So, I am trying to the 9% cash level is more of a "strategic" allocation (waiting for a timing, which I know you don't believe in), are you still undergoing research for the right investment or is there some other reason?

Please note I am not criticizing. I have loads of respect for the 5iR team and have way more confidence managing my own portfolio knowing 5iR is there to provide guidance. I am just trying to understand the purpose for the cash in the Income portfolio. I too have roughly 7% cash and am struggling to find the "right" investment and put it to work.


Read Answer Asked by Stephen on November 08, 2019
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