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Q: Take the growth portfolio as an example, but this could be applied to any of the 3.
Let's say I only want to focus on 5 companies in this portfolio that would make up 100% of my investments could I assume that the top % allocation would be similar to saying these are the ones that we endorse the most? Or is this simply a construct based on the total number of stocks and other factors that you are considering (risk, diversification...). Said differently, how can we use/interpret % allocation of the model portfolios if we are not buying every company in the portfolio? What assumptions can we make, if any? And yes, I understand you can't give direct advice on % allocations as everyone has different levels of risk, goals, etc but simply trying to understand what is the best way to use that information. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Theron on November 04, 2022

Q: I would very much value your opinion /comments about Larry Swedroe's October 11, 2013 article in entitled "The 'Black Hole Of Investing'" ( ) about why small cap growth stocks are the worst-performing segment of the investment market. And why you recommend them in your Growth portfolio (IWO) instead of small cap value, for example - Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by David on February 04, 2022
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