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Three Stocks Poised for All-Time Highs

Most fund managers' goal is to outperform the benchmark, so money tends to flow into stocks showing outperformance. When combined with the following technical setup such as a stock breaking out from a base (strong chart pattern) to a new all-time high, this strategy can not only be very powerful, but very profitable. Here are this week's three ideas: 

Barkha Jul 09, 2019

June 27 5i Research Update and Model Portfolio changes

Portfolio Analytics Webinar and Market Update

We will be hosting a live webinar for members on Tuesday, July 9 at 12PM EST to do a walkthrough of our new Portfolio Analytics service, where we show what the service is, how to use it and some tricks on using the tool. Peter Hodson will also provide a market update and discuss stocks that are on his radar. You can sign up for the free webinar here. 

Members can improve their portfolio management and tracking of their portfolio by signing up to Portfolio Analytics here.

New and Updated Reports:<
Moez Jul 03, 2019

Stocks That Pay Monthly Dividends

Dividend and income investors, particularly those in retirement, know the importance of distribution frequency when it comes to selecting the securities they invest in.  Although most companies pay quarterly dividends, there is a sizable amount of companies that pay their dividends monthly which makes the flow of income a lot smoother for investors. For this blog post we will address the pros and cons of monthly dividend investing and provide a downloadable list of securities that pay dividends monthly at the end of the article for members to access.

Moez Jun 24, 2019