Looking for Dividend info? Your search is over.

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We, at 5i Research, believe strongly that independent and factual information is one of the pillars of a successful DIY investment Champion. Being a 5i Research member (and if you are not yet, see the bottom of this blog for an exclusive offer) you already know that we are here to:

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We are always seeking ways to optimize your experience on our website, and in this spirit, we are happy to announce a new feature. For those of you who follow us on Twitter (or want to Twitter Icon with link), you may have noticed that our team publishes daily updates about dividends. Well, we want to ensure that the information is readily available for you to have access to without having to waste your valuable time! 

We built a page listing dividend changes all in one place since the beginning of the year that you can easily reference by month. This new page will be regularly updated for your convenience. 

You can find the new page here: https://www.5iresearch.ca/dividend-updates/


We hope that you will find this feature useful, and we would love to hear your ideas on what should be next. Let us know in the comments; We would love to hear from you. 


Not a 5i Research member yet? Well, we can change that. You can experience all the benefits that our 5i Research membership offers starting today by registering now via this link.  And we are so dedicated to making sure you will find our tools and information useful, we won't ask for a credit card upfront to do so. We hope to welcome you to 5i Research. 

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