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Peter Hodson and Ryan Modesto

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5i Research update; Feb 19, 2019

Updated Reports:

We have an updated report on A&W Revenue Royalties posted on site.

Company News

CAE Inc. (CAE)

The simulation training company posted EPS of $0.38 vs. $0.32 expected and revenues of $816 mln vs. $774 mln expected. Backlog totaled $9 billion and double-digit growth is expected in healthcare next year. Its civil aviation business expects low double-digit operating growth, while defense expects mid to high single-digit growth. Return on capital was 11.7%. We think the quarter looked solid here and the outlook sounds positive.

Absolute Software Corporation (ABT)

With a new CEO, on board as of last November, the transformation of leadership in recent years and a new contract to secure the computers and de

Peter Hodson Feb 20, 2019

The January Bounce

Markets have seen already decent recovery from the late-2018 market slump. In fact, many Canadian companies have recovered way beyond expectations.

M M Feb 20, 2019

5i Recent Questions

Q: Veronica on BNN mentioned that Market is going to test lows again Also a reputable
money management is telling client to cash out and wait for pullback,my wordings Are not exact but simple language they mean market is over bought and don't buy now,
I have more weight on 5i opinion,please advice of your thought

Read Answer Asked by Nizar on February 21, 2019

Q: Hello Peter & Ryan, I am wondering why Crius simply said it received another unsolicited offer by a second company that was superior to the first one and offered that to explain the increase in the purchase price of the first offer. Do you find it unusual for Crius not to give us (the shareholders) the details of this second offer? Who was it from, was it all cash, was it a combination of cash and shares in their company etc... Maybe this information war released and I missed it? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Mario on February 21, 2019
5i Recent Reports

Review of Sylogist

JAN 30, 2019 - Growing via acquisitions and organic growth. Increased success in US education markets. Rating upgraded one notch to 'B'.

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