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Peter Hodson and Ryan Modesto

5i Recent Blog Posts
Headline image for When market narratives reverse

When market narratives reverse

Often times a reason that is provided to take an investment action only applies if the market is moving a certain way. Should it not apply in an opposite manner when you flip the scenario around? Here are a few recent bull market narratives you have not been hearing in the current pullback.

Ryan Modesto Dec 11, 2018

Headline image for Nowhere to hide

Nowhere to hide

2018 was the year where investors had nowhere to hide. No matter where you were invested in the stock market, you likely had a tough year (and if you didn’t then give yourself a pat on the back): Geographically, sectoral, or even the ‘sure things’ like bitcoin and pot stocks are shadows of what they were just a year ago or at least in negative territory in many cases. This would have been a tough scenario to envision just six months ago. Everything had a tough go of it.

Ryan Modesto Dec 05, 2018

Headline image for Watch Ryan Modesto's Top Pick and Strategies Live on Capital Ideas TV and BNN

Watch Ryan Modesto's Top Pick and Strategies Live on Capital Ideas TV and BNN

Ryan Modesto will be appearing live on the Capital Ideas TV live stream here on Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 2 PM ET.

He'll be discussing investing and research best practices, along with the key elements to consider when choosing your next stock.

On that same day, he'll also be live on BNN Market Call at at 6:00 PM EST. Set your PVR or tune in live to hear Ryan's latest top picks, how the past picks have performed, and him and his team's latest investing insights.

For readers who don’t get a chance to call in, you can always utilize our Q&A section to ask questions you may have throughout the year. 

For BNN, submit your questions when he's live by calling BNN's Market Call at 1-855-326-6266, emailing, or submit your questions on Twitter by using @marketcall during the interview.

Kornel Szrejber Nov 28, 2018
5i Recent Questions

Q: Hi 5i,
I noticed that your recent answer to a question on Tencent came up under the TCEHY symbol for over the counter trading. The company is now trading on the NYSE under the symbol TME, which should make a better market for it in North America and free it up from the warnings about RSP suitability that usually come up with the over the counter stuff. Cheers!

Read Answer Asked by Lance on December 13, 2018

Q: The new equity issue by CAR.UN was priced almost $2 below recent trading range - and the market opened the next day with an immediate drop to match. CRT.UN did a similar move a month or so ago - with a corresponding immediate price drop. This appears to be a common industry practice - but that alone does not make it ethically right. I have been burned many times by this. Why are new equity issues not priced more in line with current trading range (e.g. to match closing price on the prior trading day)? Isn't it the duty of the regulator to block transactions that are priced to influence (i.e. manipulate) the market?

Read Answer Asked by Gordon on December 13, 2018

Q: Crypto mining has driven NVDA's stock price for some years now, but its currencies' decline will surely take a heavy toll on GPU sales into that market. Yes, AI and autonomous vehicle applications could expand, and consumers will continue to play video games, but are these enough to create actual earnings growth, or is NVDA more likely to tread water for a few years?

Read Answer Asked by John on December 13, 2018
5i Recent Reports

Review of Enbridge Inc.

NOV 01, 2018 - Energy transporter and distributor facing some headwinds despite strong balance sheet and better than expected dividend stability. Rating lowered a notch to 'B+'.

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Review of First Capital Realty

OCT 23, 2018 - Developer and manager of grocery-anchored properties, with a strong development pipeline. Shares trading at a premium due to its defensive play. Rating maintained at 'B'.

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Review of Descartes Systems Group

OCT 23, 2018 - A software-as-a-service logistics solutions provider with a proven track record of strong recurring revenues, high margins, and strong cash flow as well as a stellar share performance to reflect this. Rating maintained at 'B'.

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Review of Cineplex Inc

OCT 16, 2018 - Cinema operator facing several headwinds including slow growth. Still a well-run company with cheap valuation and near monopoly. Rating downgraded a notch to 'B+'.

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