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Q: I have always considered ALC to be a proxy (maybe a weak proxy) on the iron ore pellets market. I know ALC ship grain and petroleum too. Of course ALC has other issues like water levels in the Great Lakes as well as replacing an aging fleet which has been slowed down as a number of ships supposed to be delivered weren’t due to problems with the shipyards defaulting or failing to deliver. Nonetheless I would have expected to have seen the share price of ALC strengthen more than it has with LIF doing so well. Am I missing something?

Read Answer Asked by James on July 15, 2019

Q: In a previous question about ALC you noted that while ALC was not poorly managed there were better companies out there without liquidity issues. I presume you would include CAE as one of those better companies. I bought ALC, post split, (about 5 years ago) and it hasn't done much - I am essentially flat. I have certainly considered selling it but never "pulled the trigger". Unlike yourself I am not really a stock analyst but it seems to me they have been caught up in Trumpian tariff headwinds, weak iron ore prices (a few years ago) and replacing high operating cost (outdated) ships. To some extent the share price also seems to mirror the historical weakness of the Canadian Market versus the strength in the US Market. So far in 2019 the TSX seems to be performing better and the CAD appears to be gaining slightly on the USD. ALC appear to be having trouble replacing their ships as on at least 2 occasions the shipyards have defaulted on the boats. ALC got their money back but the replacement schedule must have been impacted. So, as usual, I am sitting on the fence. My questions...
1) Do you consider CAE to be a much better company that ALC?
2) While both companies are classified Industrial, ALC is more of a classic cyclical Industrial than CAE. In other words do you think ALC should do better if commodities show some strength or the USD shows some weakness?
3) We own 3,900 shares of ALC or about one days average trading volume. Would you have any recommendations about how to sell the shares keeping haircuts to a minimum? Does offering 500 shares at "the bid" at 10 AM make any sense to you? We wouldn't offer the next 500 shares until the first 500 shares were sold. The spread is about 20 cents per share.
Please deduct as may credits as you see fit.

Read Answer Asked by James on February 25, 2019
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