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Q: I've owned both OSB and WFT since mid April, was very lucky with my timing. I had planned to hold both for a couple years due to the strong housing and retro markets. A month or so ago, as we all know, WFT (trading at +/- $72.00 at the time) took out OSB (trading at the time +/- $43.00) in an all stock offer which seemed at the time to be acceptable by large institutional shareholders (Pattison/Brookfield) as well as the two boards in general. The take out price for OSB was +/- $49.00. Being an all stock offer, I believe OSB shareholders were to get +/- 0.6 WFT shares for their OSB shares. In the time since the announcement, both WFT and OSB have continued to rise in value. As of late last week, WFT closed at $82.68 and OSB closed at $55.36. Can you please help me understand how this structured all stock take over might now pan out???? Will OSB shareholders only get the $49.00 offer upon closing or was the structured all stock take out offer based on a %, ie, will OSB shareholder still receive +/- 0.6 WFT shares. I need to decide what's best for my family accounts. I like $55 a lot more than $49, but it's a wash if it's 0.6 shares of WFT

Read Answer Asked by jeff on December 14, 2020
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