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Q: I came across PUMP, World Class Extractions, on Jan 26 had an update on Pineapple Express Delivery, they have controlling interest. They deliver Cannabis B-B, and B-C, and also Liquor in some jurisdictions. They deliver Medical Cannabis for Shoppers Drug mart , as well as for Spectrum, medical division of Canopy Growth. Now they’re applying for license from Canadian Gov for “Sale for Medical Purposes “ for its facility in GTA. They seem relatively undiscovered, but getting attention lately. Do you think they could be a good Aquisition target by Shoppers or Canopy Growth, or any other bigger player for that matter.
Plus in their own business in the CBD products and devices could also be attractive part to the package

Read Answer Asked by Allen on February 12, 2021

Q: Can you be kind to comment on Greenbrook TMS recent activities. Bought it approx 2 years ago, it went down then recently up 20 % from where I bought it. Today it consolidated 5 to 1 share and apparently will be listed on the Nasdaq. Should I keep it.
Also Facedrive was up 27 % today. Are you still reluctant to own this company & why. Thank You


Read Answer Asked by Michel on February 05, 2021
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