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Headline image for Tradable Lows in the Canadian Technology Sector

Tradable Lows in the Canadian Technology Sector

Understanding market technicals becomes a very important tool when emotion takes over and price swings don’t make sense. This is especially true during times of uncertainty and periods of market volatility like we're experiencing now. Many people consider technical analysis voodoo and refer to it as people drawing lines on a stock chart. Although the drawing lines part might be true, technical analysis is about documenting investors psychology. Resistance and support levels, trendlines, market breadth and the VIX (market volatility index) are all created by fear and greed (people’s emotions). My job as a chartist is to document that fear and greed.

5i Mar 31, 2020
Headline image for The 2020 Bear Market

The 2020 Bear Market

This downturn has been fast and painful for investors across the world and the fear is palpable but at some point, investors and the markets will begin looking past the current concerns and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ryan Mar 17, 2020

How Does REAL Really Operate?

Real Matters is a technology and network management solutions company that offers professional services to the mortgage and real estate industry. The company provides a platform where both lenders and professionals can connect and realize benefits from the REAL’s large network. However, entities like Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) already do the work of providing lenders with access to appraisers and tight relationships already exist between lenders and other independent real estate professionals (i.e. appraisers, home inspectors, notarers etc.). So what makes REAL different? How does REAL provide value to the mortgage industry?


Moez Mar 02, 2020