5 from 5i: The Yield Curve and Risk Aversion

Chris White Aug 30, 2019

Market View

US-China trade tensions eased after they announced they would resume talks. Canada’s and US’s main stock index futures rose. Gold prices fell and oil saw its biggest weekly increase since July. The Canadian dollar was 75.26 cents. U.S. S&P500 was up 2.0% this week and TSX was up 1.7%.

It was a week of mostly greens this week. Energy jumped the highest by 2.8%, followed by consumer discretionary, which was up 2.6%. Consumer staples rose 2.3% and technology and materials both rose by 1.7%, respectively. Healthcare slid by 1.8%. Toronto-Dominion Bank missed street estimates for quarterly profit due to higher provisions for loan losses and slow growth in its domestic retail unit. National Bank of Canada posted better than expected quarterly profit as it saw growth across all its segments. Bank of Montreal missed third-quarter profit estimates due to higher loan loss provisions. Bank of Nova Scotia reported better than estimates quarterly profit as it saw strength in its international banking business. The most heavily traded shares by volume were InPlay Oil Corp, Lydian International, and Sherritt International.

5 from 5i

Here are five reads we found interesting last week:

-The yield curve and risk aversion

-Warren Buffett’s wisdom

-Amazon’s uniqueness

-Insurance companies are increasingly using ETFs

-Why more companies are staying private, longer


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