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Q: I have held a position in OTEX for some time, and have a moderate gain, but I was wondering if it would be prudent to swap out my OTEX for CSU. I have losses against which I can neutralize my gain, so tax implications are not a prominent factor. Both are good companies, with the reputation of CSU being quite extraordinary. I have decent exposure to technology, and I don't feel that simply adding to it by purchasing CSU through selling off an investment in another category would be as prudent as keeping within my current allocations. I would appreciate any thoughts you could share with me. Thanks so much!

Read Answer Asked by Domenic on September 16, 2020

Q: I am looking to add to my Tech Sector - I currently have AAPL, MSFT, CSCO ( in RRSP ) and OTEX - I am thinking about buying some GOOG ( in our TFSA accounts ) to complement the above - would that be something you would do OR would you add to the existing positions. Appreciate you comment.

Read Answer Asked by JOHN on September 15, 2020

Q: Please rank these stocks. Are they at a level that they could be bought today. For your highest ranked stock, why do you rank it higher than the others

Read Answer Asked by David on September 11, 2020
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