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Q: Which of these airlines would you choose given the market downturn and uncertain recovery time in the travel industry? I am looking at buying incrementally into a speculative position over the next six months. I would consider Delta, however USD are expensive at this time. Should that be a consideration?

Read Answer Asked by Terry on March 23, 2020

Q: Hello, Air Canada has been very strong for quite some time. AC's PE now sits at around 13X wheras US carriers are sitting ~7-8X PE. With the risk of oil prices spiking likely sitting at all time lows, the previous "highly cyclical sector" knock on the airline business, seems less of a problem. What are your thoughts on taking a position in an airline at this time? If you were to take a position, which would be your preference in order - and why?

Read Answer Asked by Jeff on December 04, 2019

Q: Your wild guess on the take over bid for Transat, and on scale of probability 100% is being certain, that the takeover will go through. If the deal doesn't go through do you think it price will go down to the $ 5 level? How this will be affected by Westjet takeover bid now being challenged by Air Canada. Do you see opportunity of buying either at current prices? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Saad on September 04, 2019
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