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Q: For an RESP with withdrawals starting this year, ending likely 10 to 11 years out for youngest child:
Largest holding is the ETF VUN (US) at 43% followed by BN and AC at around 12% each, then TOI, DOO , ATZ, SU, BAM in the 3-10% range each. Not included is the unfortunate loss of about 8% of the RESP due to failure of XBC.
So the focus remains on growth for the next 4-5 years to keep withdrawals mostly funded by growth.
Thoughts on keeping VUN as is? What about a higher-yielding ZWB in lieu of the individual stocks? Any concerns / risks that you know of for the stocks listed or maybe can offer some lower-risk substitutions?

Big thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Marilou on April 27, 2023

Q: Hi 5i
Wondering if you know of a US equivalent of vbal, that a Canadian can buy. From my own search, it seems like there is onlya US mutual fund equivalent, which Canadians canít buy. But maybe you have other information.

Read Answer Asked by joseph on April 26, 2023
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