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Review of Altus Group Ltd.

JAN 27, 2017 - Leading provider of independent advisory services and commercial real estate data. A shifting business model and appetite for growth earn AIF a 'B' rating.

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Q: I joined 5i a year ago.

One of my first transitions was to purchase AIF (Altus) it has been on a toboggan run since. You recommended selling last quarter. I wanted to give it one more quarter as past earnings appear stronger in third and fourth quarter. With yet another miss it is time to move on. My Canadian holdings look much like our flag - red and white with no green. Patience is waning here.

I hold the following 5i recommendations:
AIF, ATD.B, ATA, GC, SLF, VB, GUD, CSU, KXS, SIS, MX, PHO, TOY, RHT (yes still could not get out fast enough), TSGI, COV

Also own XIT, XEG, PXT, TD, BAM.A, KL

I am considering replacing AIF with CAE, WSP, TFII or another recommendation?

This is in a registered account 5 - 7 year time to use horizon.

Read Answer Asked by Glen on November 09, 2018
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