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Q: I am thinking of adding the following positions to my portfolio at about 2.5% each, would like your opinion on prospects for the following companies: bidi (Baidu); SONO; Mu (Micron); AMBA (Ambarella);; espo (VanEck e gaming etf); find (global fintech etf). These are all a play on the 5G rollout/stay at home revolution/play at home, your comments would be most welcome

Read Answer Asked by John on August 26, 2020

Q: I need some advice on this fund and industry sector as a whole. I was intrigued to hear there was indeed a fund or a strategy around egaming. Frankly I had not given it any consideration other than it drives me crazy how much my kid plays and the explosion of online egaming. Its gotten to the level that this industry can sell-out Madison Square Gardens for a competition or the launch of a new game. NCAA colleges have progressively moved into this sector as well where faculties are being built around the theme. So its becoming hard to ignore.

What do you see as a strategy to be exposed to this market? Is the above ETF a good start or do I look elsewhere? What sector would you assign the eGaming industry too? Consumer Discretionary?

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on July 21, 2020
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