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Will Direct Indexing Destroy the ETF Industry?

With news of numerous brokerages going to $0 trading commissions, the trend toward direct indexing just got a lot more compelling for investors. Direct indexing essentially lets an investor buy the underlying securities within an index (say the TSX 60 or the S&P 500) automatically at their broker without owning them through some sort of fund or ETF.

Ryan Oct 20, 2019
Headline image for Three Stocks Poised to give a Technical Buy Signal

Three Stocks Poised to give a Technical Buy Signal

A scan for abnormal volatility seeks to find the potential of momentum coming into an underlying name before they become obvious to the masses. Here are this week's three technical risk/reward setups that came up on the radar. 

5i Oct 17, 2019

Pot Stock Hangover

A look at the recent declines in cannabis companies on the TSX.

Ryan Oct 14, 2019