And we're back!

5i Staff Jun 17, 2021
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We are up and running again and ready for you to check out the new look and feel of the website! 

Let’s walk through some updates:

Market Data:

When looking to search for a company and find data, the market data page takes a member to a page that shows various market and sector data points. This page also displays market movers in various markets. We are big fans of stocks hitting new highs and these tables can be helpful for idea generation. Members will also notice that the company search bar now carries through the full website for ease of use.


We have updated the look and feel of the blog to allow for easier discovery to allow readers to find some of the best content and research we have. We also organized things into categories to help a reader drill down into specific areas of interest.

Question and Answer:

The look and feel of this section largely remain the same but we added a feature that allows a member to filter questions by geography as pictured below.

We also wanted to give a quick reminder of some other Q&A features:

You can favorite questions that you want to save or return to by clicking the ‘heart’ beside the questions and then revisit them in the ‘Favourites’ tab as pictured below.

You can also add or remove companies to your watchlist directly from the Q&A. If it is on your watchlist, you will see the ‘eye’ beside the stock name appear blue. You can also add companies to your watchlist directly through your watchlist.


We are really excited about the changes to the watchlist!

Members can now get prices and other data like yield and sector directly from the watchlist to help members stay up to date on the companies they have their eyes on. When updating your watchlist, you can also add multiple companies at the same time as seen below.

Notifications and Digest Emails:

As many members are likely already aware, you can turn on ‘digest emails’ and receive emails straight to your inbox when there are answers to questions about companies on your watchlist. The emails can be sent daily or weekly.

Now, we have also added a feature where members will be alerted within these same emails when a stock on their watchlist moves by a certain amount. You can select the ‘trigger amount’ to be alerted through the dropdown list pictured below. Any stocks that then moved by that amount or more will be included in a member’s digest email, keeping you up to date on developments of companies you are watching.

That is all for now! Please take some time to get accustomed to the new look and feel and explore the new features we have rolled out and we hope you enjoy the changes!



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