5 from 5i: The Market Is Tightening

Chris White Jan 21, 2022
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Market View

The past week has not been great for most investors, and the Nasdaq has officially entered 'correction' territory. Earnings season has kicked off with mixed results from the US banks and a few large tech companies report soon. Gold, oil, and the US dollar all fell this week. The Canadian dollar was 79.81 cents USD. U.S. S&P500 ended the week down 3.69%, and the TSX decreased by 2.30%.

Most sectors declined this past week, with energy decreasing by 2.1%, financials edged down by 2.4%, and consumer discretionary fell 4.9%. Technology fell by 5.7%, materials climbed 1.1%, and utilities increased by 0.5%. The most heavily traded shares by volume were Bombardier Inc., Cenovus Energy Inc., and Bank of Montreal.

5 from 5i

Here are five reads we found interesting last week:

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