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Member Update - Oct 28, 2017


We are excited that our new website is almost ready for launch. The new site has some added features such as:

  • Market data - Charts and pricing on markets
  • 52 week high/low lists for various markets
  • Stock data - Pricing for individual stocks including various fundamental metrics
  • Refreshed look and functionality
  • Improved navigation

We think these changes will greatly enhance the user experience while also putting more data and analysis at your fingertips and we are excited to roll this out. While we do not foresee any issues, bugs can occur and we appreciate your patience. We are targeting the first week of November to launch the new site, barring any hiccups.

5i Oct 18, 2017

The Importance of Having a Plan: Photon Control, Ballard Power Systems, The Stars Group

The importance of having a plan: Technical Analysis
No matter how much experience you have as an investor, a trend following system is a straight forward approach to systematic trading that can be easily deployed and managed by anyone. This is a great way to profit from large moves without having to manage positions on an intraday basis. If you have spent time learning lessons the hard way, like myself, then you will relate to what I am about to say.

The two problems I struggled with the most were taking a position too large for my account and selling too soon. In my experience these problems often go hand in hand, I was always putting myself in the perfect position for emotional ruin. Every time I would get onto a winning trade I became greedy or scared and locked in profits prematurely, cutting my potential returns short.

This is exactly what happened last week to one of my subscribers with Photon Control (TSXV:PHO)...

5i Oct 11, 2017
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