5 from 5i - My Brain Hurts: Investor Thought Experiments

Michael Southern Oct 20, 2017

Its starting again! Earnings season. Rogers Communications (RCI.B) reported its third-quarter profit grew to $467 million, driven by the strength of its wireless business. The company said its wireless division had 129,000 net additions to its postpaid services – an eight-year high for Rogers. Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) reported a better-than-expected third-quarter profit on higher shipments of crude oil, coal and potash and raised its full-year profit forecast. Encana (ECA) expects to increase cash flow about 25% a year through 2022, the company said in a presentation to investors. Driving those gains will be a profit margin that expands to roughly $16 per barrel of production in five years, up from about $11 currently. Following previous efforts to retool its capital structure, Concordia (CXR) is beginning a court proceeding under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA). The company hopes to reduce its existing secured and unsecured debt obligations by more than $2 billion. Here are five stories we found interesting this week:

  1. Experiment #1: Will my investment exist in 10 years?
  2. Experiment #2: If my time horizon is forever, what does my portfolio look like?
  3. Presentism Bias: “the long-term is not where life is lived.”

  4. How to prepare your portfolio for the eventual bear market.

  5. Company earnings are a key driver of equity returns, and they are looking healthy globally



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Oct 28, 2017
Loved the article " Investing at all time highs ". Some solid strategies presented.
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Some nice reading in there Michael, thanks.