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When to Sell a Stock for Portfolio Optimization

When to Sell a Stock for Portfolio Optimization

One of the toughest questions an investor faces is when to sell. It is already hard enough to determine what the right investments are and when the right time is to make them. Add in emotional investments that accrue as one holds the stock and emotions swirling around embedded gains or losses from the holding and conflicting opinions everywhere. It is no wonder why it is such a tough question to answer. So, we are here to help.

We think the question of when to sell first needs the appropriate context and should be split into two parts...

5i Jan 30, 2018

Managing your portfolio from the summer cottage

Let’s be honest, in Canada, you have two maybe three months of really nice weather and not everyone wants to be stuck inside looking over financials and spreadsheets during this time. So what’s a DIY investor to do? 

Ryan Jul 22, 2015

Understanding fund fact sheets

There can be a lot of data provided in fact sheets with little explanation on what the calculation is or what it means relative to the fund in question, so hopefully this can help provide a starting point for interested readers. 

Ryan May 19, 2015
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