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Q: I owned Paladin and was very happy with the sale to ENDP, but I, regrettably, held my shares of ENDO until I lost most if not all of my Paladin windfall. You endorsed ENDO and saw future growth there. Now that TSGI has been sold, I am wondering what to do. I realize there is some deal risk and regulatory risk, and I am not fond of the inconvenience of the London Exchange. I am thinking I might sell my TSGI shares and put the proceeds split into LSPD and/or SHOP. I know you see growth in all three, but you have perhaps been endorsing LSPD and SHOP for longer, now. And you took TSGI out of the portfolio (before the sale, I realize). To focus my question, let me ask: How do the two Canadian stocks compare to TSGI in terms of risks/rewards going forward. The 2 for 1 would at least add a bit of diversification.

Read Answer Asked by Gordon on October 08, 2019
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