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Headline image for Finding the Ultimate ETF

Finding the Ultimate ETF

In early January, we released a special report to our ETF & Fund Update members simulating an "ETF Tournament" of the top ETFs in 16 categories we selected throughout 2020. Read through the report to see which ETF comes out on top as the "Ultimate ETF" for Canadian investors. 

Moez Jan 19, 2021
Headline image for These are the five themes investors should pay attention to in 2021

These are the five themes investors should pay attention to in 2021

And here are some companies to consider from each theme

It is a New Year, and the markets are trying to figure out what to do. Does tech still run? Is it time for value stocks to finally shine? Is the bull market going to end, or is it just getting started?

Already, in just five days, 2021 has shown it is not going to be boring. We started off the week with five or six takeovers or privatizations, had a quick market slump and then a quick rally, and, oh yeah — a riot or insurrection, depending on who you ask — in Washington. Meanwhile, the zombie virus keeps mutating and shutting down the world and killing people. No wonder there is a risk premium on owning equities!

Here at 5i Research/i2i Fund, we spend very little time though looking at such things. We like to look at companies. A great company is still going to be a great company, even in a bad economy. A great company doesn’t really care who is

5i Jan 12, 2021
Headline image for Goodbye 2020! Year-end Reflections & Lessons.

Goodbye 2020! Year-end Reflections & Lessons.

Every year for the National Post we write an article with our upcoming predictions for the next year. That article is available here:

But we don’t really like predictions. They are usually wrong. Instead, at year end we prefer to review what the year brought, and see if we can learn anything from the past 12 months.

We think everyone will agree it was not a ‘normal’ year. The world has never been completely closed before. Even in the financial crisis of 2008, or in the Depression of the 1930s, one could still get a quick coffee or have dinner in a restaurant. In 2020, for part of the year, one could not even do this.

For the balance of this article we a

5i Dec 29, 2020