All About Bitcoin: Understanding the New ICO Market

Michael Southern Sep 22, 2017

The S&P/TSX Composite advanced on Thursday, as gains for heavyweight banking stocks offset declines for gold and base metal miners hurt by the U.S. Federal Reserve’s signal of another interest rate increase this year. It was a good week for healthcare stocks: Covalon Technologies (COV) announced it has received Food and Drug Administration clearance to legally market and sell MediClear PreOp in the U.S. to hospitals, clinics and directly to patients, without the need for a prescription. Prometic Life Sciences (PLI) said longer-term data from its ongoing phase 2 open-label clinical trial in subjects suffering from Alström Syndrome in the U.K., “confirm that the beneficial clinical effects previously observed are sustained during prolonged treatment.” Here are five stories we found interesting this week:

  1. ICO, the new IPO, has already raised $2 billion
  2. If China is banning ICOs, does that mean the technology works?
  3. Sand piles and market ‘Cause and Effect’


    Before reading the fine print, read this


    Debunking the ETF armageddon 



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Oct 7, 2017
Hello wilson

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Dont be scare to loose money because for myself its was a learning period and you become better.

For my first investment I lost 6000$ with nortel network it was a recommendation of my broker. I bought nortel because my broker told me at that time its the best stock of the tsx.

To be honest dont buy a stock only of recommendation of an expert. You need to do some reasearch by yourself. If you dont have time to do that or you dont have the knowledge its better to consult and independant financial expert member of an order without affiliation to a bank or an insurance company.
Oct 4, 2017
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