5 from 5i: The Fear Fund: Quadratic Interest Rate Volatility and Inflation Hedge ETF (IVOL)

Chris White Sep 27, 2019

Market View

China and the US are discussing details of their upcoming trade talks in October leaving investors optimistic. Democrats in the US House of Representatives plunge into a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Saudi Arabia has successfully restored its oil production capacity to over 11 million barrels a day, recovering after the Sept. 14 attacks on its oil facilities. Futures in Canada’s main stock index rose after the positive news from US-China trade talks. Oil prices gave away some gains and gold rose. The Canadian dollar was 75.49 cents. U.S. S&P500 was down 0.6% this week and TSX was down 0.8%.

This week was quite a roller coaster for investors. Materials, Healthcare, and Energy slid the most by 4.5%, 3.9%, and 2.8%, respectively. Utilities jumped 1.5% followed by Real estate at 1.1%. Enbridge announced that it has received a permit from the US Army Corps of Engineers to install 54 steel supports along its underwater Line 5 pipeline in Michigan’s Straits of Mackinac. Blackberry reported a net loss of $44 million in the second quarter, compared to a profit of $43 million a year prior. Management cut the top end of its 2020 revenue forecast, hit by weak demand for its software from companies and government agencies as competition increases. The most heavily traded shares by volume were New Gold Inc, Encana Corp, and B2Gold Corp.

5 from 5i

Here are five reads we found interesting last week:

-The Fear Fund: Quadratic Interest Rate Volatility & Inflation Hedge ETF (IVOL)

-Private Equity and alternatives

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-Why buying a home doesn’t make sense sometimes

-Factor Investing


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