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Using Weekly Charts to Identify Long-Term Trends

Using Weekly Charts to Identify Long-Term Trends

Looking at the bigger picture allows investors to take advantage of longer-term trends and chart patterns missed by most novice investors. Using weekly charts can help remove intraday noise and volatility that tends to scare short-term focused investors. 

Institutional money managers with several million dollar positions use larger time-frames like the weekly chart because they can’t react fast enough to the short-term fluctuations in the market. Since institutional money moves stock prices, it can become very profitable for retail investors if they are able to identify and jump on these larger trends created by this money...
5i Dec 11, 2017

Why writing is important when investing

I have not been writing here nearly as much as I would like. This seems like a reasonable activity to stop when things get busy but an investor who does not write and record their thoughts and strategies in some form is worse off in my opinion. Without documenting your thought process, ideas and theories, there is no way to keep track of everything that is going on in the markets and in your own mind let alone what is actually working or not. Fortunately we have a great team at 5i Research who has been able to keep the content flowing for readers and to keep our team on our toes.  

Ryan Dec 07, 2017

Top Tax Loss Selling Stocks for 2017

Top Stocks for Tax Loss Selling 2017
As the holiday season approaches, two things come to everyone’s mind: Gift ideas and tax-loss selling! Ok maybe not everyone’s mind for the latter, but it is definitely top of mind for investors. So we wanted to look at some stocks that are tax-loss selling candidates but still have a good outlook going into 2018.

5i Nov 23, 2017

Investing Insights and Industry Analysis: Canadian Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Canadian Software-as-a-Service (Saas) Investing Insights and Analysis
Technology companies are changing the world at a rapid pace and create exciting investment opportunities for investors. The industry has also rewarded investors handsomely. Investors are certainly familiar with the hardware side of the industry and rightfully so; these companies have given us computers, smartphones, GPS, drones, autonomous cars, etc. Canadian companies have certainly made their mark here (remember the Blackberry?).

Investors are likely less familiar with the software side of the industry, and it is here where we will center this iteration of the 5i Research “Investing Insights and Industry Analysis” series.

We will focus on Constellation SoftwareDescartes Systems Group and Kinaxis:

Michael Nov 20, 2017

Join 5i's CEO Ryan Modesto on BNN today at 1pm EST. Send in your questions!

Ryan Modesto BNN

Join 5i Research's CEO Ryan Modesto live on BNN today at 1 pm EST.

Tune-in to hear Ryan's top picks, how the past picks have performed, along with his latest investing insights.

Submit your questions when he's live by calling BNN's Market Call at 1-855-326-6266, or submit your questions on Twitter by using @marketcall during the interview.

We look forward to your questions!

5i Nov 14, 2017
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