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How to Calculate the Expected Total Return of Any Stock

How to Calculate the Expected Total Return of Any Stock
It is important to understand how to use realistic assumptions to estimate the returns that you’ll receive from investing in stocks.

This article will outline how you can calculate the expected return of any stock by using financial metrics and projections about future performance...

5i Feb 22, 2018

Member Update - February 15, 2018

RRSP Season is Here: Diversify your Portfolio with Canada's top ETFs

We have noticed an increase in the volume of questions on ETFs and Mutual Funds. To help with research and questions in this area...

5i Feb 15, 2018

When to sell a stock for fundamental reasons

When to sell a stock for fundamental reasons

When to sell a stock is one of the toughest questions for an investor to answer. It involves emotions, money and oftentimes ego. All of these aspects can be tough to manage so setting up some rules on when selling a stock is appropriate can make sense. So, let us take a view of when to sell for stock-specific reasons to help make the difficult decision a bit easier...

5i Feb 07, 2018

When to Sell a Stock for Portfolio Optimization

When to Sell a Stock for Portfolio Optimization

One of the toughest questions an investor faces is when to sell. It is already hard enough to determine what the right investments are and when the right time is to make them. Add in emotional investments that accrue as one holds the stock and emotions swirling around embedded gains or losses from the holding and conflicting opinions everywhere. It is no wonder why it is such a tough question to answer. So, we are here to help.

We think the question of when to sell first needs the appropriate context and should be split into two parts...

5i Jan 30, 2018

Technical Analysis: Three Trading Ideas for this Week

Three Trading Ideas for the Week

New Flyer Industries (NFI-T) has given a textbook trend following signal. Price action spent the last eight months consolidating within a cup & handle continuation pattern before breaking out to new all-time highs. Often people find it hard buying stocks at all-time highs. To show the potential of this type of breakout below...

5i Jan 22, 2018

The Power of Investing in Dividend Growth Stocks

The Power of Investing in Dividend Growth Stocks
Dividend growth investing is one of the most powerful ways to build long-term wealth.

With that said, it is not known for being one of the best investing strategies. Many self-directed investors chase value investing strategies or momentum investing strategies because of their ability to make a quick dollar when done right.

Dividend growth investing stands out for its ability to work well over long periods of time. This article will explain three reasons why dividend growth investing is a powerful way to generate wealth over the long run...

5i Jan 10, 2018

5i's Top Picks, Today on BNN featuring 5i's CEO, Ryan Modesto

5i's Ryan Modesto Live on BNN

 Ryan's appearance (including top picks) has now be posted and can be streamed from BNN here.

5i's CEO, Ryan Modesto will be appearing on BNN Market Call today (Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018). Set your PVR or tune in live at 1PM to hear Ryan's latest top picks, how the past picks have performed, and him and his team's latest investing insights.

For readers who don’t get a chance to call in, you can always utilize our Q&A section to ask questions you may have throughout the year. If you're not yet a member, you can get one free question credit by signing up for a free 30-day trial here (no credit card required).

Submit your questions when he's live by calling BNN's Market Call at 1-855-326-6266, emailing, or submit your questions on Twitter by using @marketcall during the interview.

5i Jan 02, 2018
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