5 from 5i - Herding Behaviour

Michael Southern Aug 19, 2016

It has been a relatively quiet two weeks in equity markets as earnings season comes to a close. FOMC minutes were announced last Friday, which revealed little new information, as notes indicated that a rate hike might come as soon as September 2016 but that economic data would have to support it. Eyes are now watching the Jackson Hole summit as many central bankers are indicating that a rate increase may be in the cards sooner than later. Words from Janet Yellen on Friday have the potential to add some short-term volatility to markets. Earnings season is coming to a close but that did not stop Performance Sports Group from grabbing headlines. The company said it was unable to file its audited annual report with regulators. The failure to meet the reporting deadline puts it in a default under its credit agreements. 

  1. Conglomerate aspirations in the technology sector.
  2. S&P500 trends and a rotation into growth sectors.
  3. A useful reminder of the opportunity cost and compounding effect of high fees.
  4. The risk of ETF structures and their tracking index
  5. Do not let equity seasonality (and other) noise factors distract from disciplined investing. 

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Aug 31, 2016
Thanks Nizar, we will look at adding quick thoughts on each article we share.
Aug 28, 2016
Only summary will make sense than to understand the whole articles,which only pros can digest.
5i's comments on these articles will be more respectable and understandable for us new investors.
We value 5i's opinion or comments more than all else.