5 from 5i - Valuation Trends

Michael Southern Aug 12, 2016

The S&P/TSX traded to another 2016 high on Tuesday on the heels of a rally in gold & gold equities. All three major US exchanges hit new highs this week, as well. Oil touched $46 per barrel for the first time in three weeks on the prospects of exporters working out ways to prop up the market.  Here are five stories that caught our attention this week:

  1. The 'value' of the P/B metric is challenged when considering stock issuance/buybacks. 
  2. Dividend and price return of the cheapest vs. most expensive stocks by P/E.
  3. Streamline your stock research and analysis process.  
  4. Yield-hungry investors are pushing the utility sector to record levels.
  5. A broad examination of trends occuring through the markets 

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