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Knight Makes a 'GUD' Acquisition

Knight Therapeutics has been a name that has tested investors' patience. While its no debt and high cash offer plenty of protection to the downside, the company does not pay a dividend and investors have been waiting for the company to spend its high cash balance to promote some sort of growth. At last, it seems like the company is finally its that cash to use in what looks like quite a transformative acquisition. What does this mean for how we view and value the company? 

Moez Dec 16, 2019
Headline image for 5 from 5i

5 from 5i

Weekly stock market update & five stock related articles we thought were a must-read this week

Barkha Dec 06, 2019
Headline image for Winpak's Landscape

Winpak's Landscape

Operating in a stagnant growth industry is hard enough, and with a large cash balance and no M&A activity over the past decade made Winpak's investors impatient. Having recently announced an acquisition, let's dig in to see what they got. 

Barkha Nov 27, 2019
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Three Trend Following Ideas

The strategy of "simplicity is the best" is far too forgotten in the investment world. In this blog, we talk about three stocks that are at all-time highs and show signs of a breakout. 

Barkha Nov 25, 2019
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