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Headline image for 10 Advantages DIY Investors Have Over The Pros

10 Advantages DIY Investors Have Over The Pros

Advice is loud when the person giving it has something to gain, and the financial services industry has a lot to gain by convincing you that the best place for your money is in their hands. To be fair, there can be value in the services of some financial advisors. But the other side of this story needs to be told: many investors are better off taking a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) approach. 

Investors often start managing their own money reluctantly, feeling like underdogs to the pros. But has it ever occurred to you that DIY investors actually may have the advantage? In fact, behavioural finance has shone a light on numerous ways in which professionals, often through no fault of their own, are set-up for failure when it comes to growing the wealth of their clients. 

With a little knowledge and interest in personal finance, individual investors can

5i Sep 29, 2020
Headline image for The new all-in-one fund: VRIF

The new all-in-one fund: VRIF

Vanguard announced a new retirement income ETF VRIF targeting a 4% yield and it has been quickly gaining popularity. Is there more to know? 

Barkha Sep 22, 2020
Headline image for Stock Screener: High ROE and New Debt

Stock Screener: High ROE and New Debt

Interest rates are at all-time record lows and are not expected to rise any time soon. This presents companies with a window to borrow at low rates to invest in new projects, improve their liquidity position or even payoff higher interest debt. For companies with lots of investment options that offer high potential returns, a 'low cost' debt environment could be a boon to business long-term. 


Moez Sep 15, 2020