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Markets Are Hot: Time To Find Quality Stocks


With market sentiment really high and a lot of investor attention on SPACs and EV stocks, it’s important to remember that more speculative investments come at a cost: Higher potential volatility.


While there’s no denying the growth potential behind some of these high growth themes, we’ve seen stocks (even with good growth stories) fall as much as 50% or more, just from a change in market sentiment.


Given the current environment, we thought it would be a good idea to turn to a good old-fashioned quality screen for our monthly 5i stock screener. This month’s screen focuses on companies with value, quality and growth characteristics that investors can consider for their portfolios.


To keep things simple, we have set out three main fundamental criteria, each cor

Moez Feb 09, 2021
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Happy Groundhog Day

It's Groundhog Day!

Let's celebrate 5i Research Style.

You will find below our most popular blog from the past year... for your re-reading pleasure. 


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5i Feb 02, 2021
Headline image for Finding the Ultimate ETF

Finding the Ultimate ETF

In early January, we released a special report to our ETF & Fund Update members simulating an "ETF Tournament" of the top ETFs in 16 categories we selected throughout 2020. Read through the report to see which ETF comes out on top as the "Ultimate ETF" for Canadian investors. 

Moez Jan 19, 2021