Five from 5i - Attain Alpha or Acquire Assets?

5i Staff Apr 17, 2016

The past week was a rather positive one in the markets with both the S&P 500 and TSX now being up ~1% month-to-date. Some slightly positive news out of China and the possibility of an oil output freeze helped to lift market sentiment. As we write this, the Doha oil talks had initially seemed like a done deal, with levels to be capped back to January production levels, out to October, but rising tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran seem to be adding uncertainty to what any potential production freeze may look like. In the meantime, here are five stories we thought were worth reading this week:

  1. More assets are good for business but bad for returns.
  2. Are dividends superior to buybacks?
  3. Digging into the tax-efficiency of ETFs.
  4. Would the KISS principle have saved investors from SunEdison?
  5. Is your advisor worth 25% of your wealth?


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