Five from 5i – All about rates and Brexit

The week seemed to be a relatively quiet one from the perspective of a Canadian investor. A lot of warnings are being given on affordability of Canadian housing and is an issue that will likely continue to garner media attention. Otherwise, all eyes are on the Brexit vote next week. We would expect market volatility to increase as the vote approaches and have some links below that dive deeper into the topic.

  1. What are bond yields saying about interest rate expectations?
  2. The impact of rising rates on banks and how best to play the impact.
  3. Is it time to put the 60/40 portfolio to bed in this low rate world?
  4. Ten investment beliefs worth considering.
  5. Does anyone really know how a 'Leave' vote in the Brexit would actually play out?

ICYMI, we had some thoughts this week on whether Canadian investors should be worried about a Brexit.

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