Five from 5i - Court Cases and Investment Cases

5i Staff Nov 14, 2014
  1. One of the best reads we have found on bank foreign exchange manipulation
  2. A case for high yield fixed income
  3. The US economy doesn't look that bad so beware recession callers
  4. A detailed look at corporate break-ups
  5. Recency bias and the effect on risk tolerance

For those looking for more material but with a personal finance twist, feel free to check out the Canadian MoneySaver links here.



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Nov 19, 2014
Ryan, Five from 5i is great. Too much information has made me apprehensive at times and caused me to make mistakes. Quality of information is the way to go. Keep doing a great job.
Nov 19, 2014
Thanks Wayne, it is always helpful to hear a dissenting market opinion as it forces you to question your own views but it can definitely be taken to the extreme.

Marie, WoCS and Reformed Broker are actually some of my favourite finance blogs out there, they put out some really good stuff. Millennial Invest is pretty good as well (happy that 5i made the list!). It is definitely true that there is a lot of content out there, which is why we decided to go with quality over quantity in our posts for the most part. That is sort of the intention with the weekly Five from 5i as well, picking out the important topics, opposed to throwing a bunch of stories at people on a daily basis.
Nov 18, 2014
In my experience, choose a minimal amount of good blogs that you read consistently (wealth of common sense, reformed broker, 5I) sometimes less is more. It has taken me years to weed out the bad blogs and anyone now can spout their nonsense unfortunately. Sometimes a good article can change the way you think about a topic and can really change the manner you invest.
Nov 17, 2014
RE #3: we were discussing the views of Jim Rickard at work today and I believe he feeds off of and fuels fear in the retail investor. So it is timely to read the "beware recession callers" part of it. The line, " Another problem is that negative news sells ... and there is an entire industry that sells doom and gloom." really sums up Jim Rickard and others that push the Doomsday theory.