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Chris White Nov 16, 2023
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In this month's edition of our ETF Update newsletter, we've got a wealth of information and insights to share with you. From high-quality compounder ETFs to the dynamics of Core Plus bond ETFs and a look at whether Utility ETFs are at bargain levels, we've got your investment interests covered.

Unlocking the Power of Free Cash Flow:

Understanding a company's true financial health is key to smart investing. In this newsletter, we delve into the concept of free cash flow (FCF) and why it's essential for evaluating the quality of a business. Learn how FCF can help you identify companies that are strong performers and consistently create value for shareholders.

We take a closer look at the FCF US Quality ETF (TTAC), an actively managed ETF designed to seek out high-quality companies with sustainable profitability and above-average returns. Discover how TTAC ETF aims to outperform the market by focusing on strong FCF-generating businesses.

The Utility ETF Conundrum

Utility ETFs have been a source of steady dividend income for many investors. But the recent rise in interest rates has led to questions about whether these ETFs have fallen to bargain levels. We delve into the dynamics of the utility sector, examining why they have been affected by rising rates and whether it's an opportunity for investors.

Uncovering Core Plus Bond ETFs

If you're looking to diversify your bond investments and potentially enhance yield, Core Plus bond ETFs might be the answer. We explain how these ETFs maintain a core position while actively creating a satellite portfolio, making them a dynamic and flexible choice for bond investors.

Discover the advantages of Core Plus bond ETFs, including active management, flexibility, higher return potential, diversification, and the ability to invest across various sectors and maturities. These ETFs offer a unique approach to bond investing that can cater to a wide range of investment goals.

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