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Headline image for Tradable Lows in the Canadian Technology Sector

Tradable Lows in the Canadian Technology Sector

Understanding market technicals becomes a very important tool when emotion takes over and price swings don’t make sense. This is especially true during times of uncertainty and periods of market volatility like we're experiencing now. Many people consider technical analysis voodoo and refer to it as people drawing lines on a stock chart. Although the drawing lines part might be true, technical analysis is about documenting investors psychology. Resistance and support levels, trendlines, market breadth and the VIX (market volatility index) are all created by fear and greed (people’s emotions). My job as a chartist is to document that fear and greed.

5i Mar 31, 2020

Investing Insights and Industry Analysis: Canadian Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Canadian Software-as-a-Service (Saas) Investing Insights and Analysis
Technology companies are changing the world at a rapid pace and create exciting investment opportunities for investors. The industry has also rewarded investors handsomely. Investors are certainly familiar with the hardware side of the industry and rightfully so; these companies have given us computers, smartphones, GPS, drones, autonomous cars, etc. Canadian companies have certainly made their mark here (remember the Blackberry?).

Investors are likely less familiar with the software side of the industry, and it is here where we will center this iteration of the 5i Research “Investing Insights and Industry Analysis” series.

We will focus on Constellation SoftwareDescartes Systems Group and Kinaxis:

Michael Nov 20, 2017