5 from 5i - Lured to Profits in the Marijuana Industry?

Michael Southern Oct 14, 2016


It was a short week for Canadian markets after the Thanksgiving holiday and the TSX looks to finish slightly higher. Stronger oil prices helped energy shares. Premium Brands (PBH) announced a $50M acquisition of Belmont Meat Products, a producer, marketer and distributor of numerous beef products. MTY Food Group (MTY), one of the largest franchisers in Canada’s restaurant industry, reported Q3 results that beat expectations. The S&P 500 touched a three-month low, as investors worried over global growth after poor data out of China. Wells Fargo (WFC) Chairman and CEO, John Stumpf, resigned over unethical sales tactics that damaged the bank's reputation. Here's five stories we found interesting this week:

  1. Understand the haze around the industry first.
  2. Whole Foods offers a glimpse into the future of groceries.
  3. Keep in mind asset location to help guide, but not drive, portfolio construction.
  4. Four of five Goldman Sachs US indicators point to lower Q3 expectations.
  5. Interested in your own security analysis? Remember these points.


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Oct 18, 2016
there's a hyperlink in line #1. no need for the passive aggressive sarcasm. national post articles
Oct 15, 2016
looks like the comment went up in smoke
Oct 15, 2016
so, where's the stuff on the subject of " Lured to Profits in the Marijuana Industry?
By Michael" or is this someone's idea of a joke ?