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5i Staff Jul 15, 2016

The big story this week we think was the S&P 500 hitting all-time highs, which we talk about a little here. Otherwise, there has been a bit of news coming from central banks with Canada and the UK both leaving rates steady (with the UK decision being a bit of a surprise to some). Stability is coming back to the UK after Brexit, as the politicians that will lead the country forward are being assembled. Their approach looks like it will be gradual and calculated, which is probably soothing to the markets. Japan also looks set to support the economy as well which has led to some strength overseas. Below are a few stories that caught our eyes this week:

  1. Missing the best weeks can be costly when investing.
  2. As the ETF industry grows and passive vs active lines become blurred, understanding what is behind the name of a fund is more and more important.
  3. Interesting read on quality of management and maybe eye-opening for some, also why when an investor finds a good management team, we believe the company they run deserves investor attention.
  4. Should fund managers eat their own cooking?
  5. An interesting take on the state of active management.

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Jul 18, 2016
Interesting articles. Thank you for posting them.
Jul 16, 2016
I put more faith in the Washington Generals than the "gurus".
Jul 16, 2016
Please don't listen to those people, they do so much harm. Predicting corrections is virtually impossible and I will not even mention track records of consistency in predicting them.
Jul 16, 2016
Regarding missing the best weeks, easier said than done; especially for older investors. Some talk the next BIG correction within a year could be like 1929 and I don't have 20 years to get back to where I was before the correction.