5 from 5i: Geopolitical risks keeping you out of markets?

Michael Southern Jun 16, 2017

5 from 5i

The big news this week is that The Federal Reserve approved its second rate hike of 2017 even amid expectations that inflation is running well below the central bank's target. The new range will be 1-1.25% for a rate that currently is 0.91%. 

Aimia (AIM) announced it is immediately suspending all dividends on common and preferred shares. The company said suspension is required following Air Canada’s (AC) decision to stop using Aeroplan and launch its own customer reward program in 2020. 

Evertz Technology (ET) reported Q4 revenue and EBITDA that was significantly above estimates, rebounding from a miss last quarter.

Here are five stories we found interesting this week:

  1. A history of political risk and US market returns
  2. Most economists see the US expansion continuing for at least two more years
  3. Did you hear that Banco Popular Espanol SA failed? NVCC bondholders did.
  4. Historical returns show high growth stocks are challenged to live up to expectations vs. cash cows.
  5. Changing quantitative models contributing to short-term events like the 'Tech Route'


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