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Q: Hi folks, Vivo has been a dog & disaster heading into 2021...but things appear better....2 of top 5 edible brands & 39% market share of Ontario edibles, new sales into Quebec, and just announced certification/licenses for EU-GMP, so that Vivo can begin shipping product immediately into Germany/Europe. Stock sits at .18 with 367M shares outstanding. Can please get your opinion on company going forward...I would think with $70M Market Cap...the EU-GMP news would be worth more than that on a buyout......Buy/Hold/Sell....thanks as usual for great service, JB Piedmont QC

Read Answer Asked by John on March 16, 2021

Q: Hi folks, last reporting for Vivo was Q3/20 (end Sep 2020). Vivo held 5.3M shares in Skylight shg/v at .03sh, now valued app $1.50sh/share. Also held investment in Meta/v, that got bought out & converted into 4.5M shares of Hiti/c at .19, now valued app .70/share. Also held Friendly Stranger & since taken out & converted to Fire & Flower shares Faf/t. Question is..any way of finding out if Vivo still holds or sold, all or some of the three companies shares, etc???? Called the company but wouldn't confirm anything, and even upcoming Q4 results will only cover to end of Dec 2020. Is there any site/program, etc to be able to find out holdings/investments/dispositions that a company like Vivo has made...or as an investor, do you have to wait and only find out in Q reports. vivo has been a dog, but if they do in fact still hold investments in High Tide & Skylight...would help the bottom line as both stocks have been big winners in January 2021. Sorry for the convoluded Q, but as shareholder of Vivo...I thought I would/should be able to find out the investments of Vivo. Thanks for the help & info, jb Piedmont QC

Read Answer Asked by John on January 27, 2021
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