First Glance of the Cannabis Task Force Report

Ryan M Dec 13, 2016

The task force report has been a long awaited report for not just investors, but a large swathe of Canadian citizens. It is an issue that impacts Canadians in many ways and is a development that truly up-ends the traditional views on a controversial subject. From an investor’s point of view, the investable universe has been nothing short of bubbly based on a retail industry that does not yet exist and has no framework or baseline through which fundamentals could be evaluated. So it is a welcome development to be able to sink our teeth into this report. Readers who want to take a look through it themselves can find it here: Cannabis

Below we summarize what we felt as some key points from the report and out takeaways in the form of quotes from the report or our summary/paraphrasing of certain sections:

  •  The current paradigm of cannabis prohibition has been with us for almost 100 years. We cannot, and should not, expect to turn this around overnight.”

Our takeaway  – An important point to remember. Regardless of legalization, the sale and proliferation of product will not be a quick event. This will take time.

  • On an endeavour to limit or minimize harms, the task force recommends:
    • National minimum age of 18 for purchase ability to purchase
    • Restrictions to advertising and promotions (Sorry Snoop!)

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